Get Confident About Creating Video
Connect with your ideal clients on an emotional level so they're ready to buy!
Whether you want to publish videos on Youtube, show up on Facebook Live or in Instagram Stories, or anywhere else - video is THE MOST powerful tool to build emotional connections for your brand. 

In Video Prep School, we're going to host 3 days of confidence-boosting activities to get you ready to create your first (or next!) video.
Excited to learn?
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emmy-nominated Andrea corson Has Created Videos For
What You'll Learn
Day 1: Research
We'll spend time researching the type of video that is going to be best for YOUR brand.
Day 2: Look & Style
Next we'll start to plan the look and feel of your videos so they feel consistent with the rest of your brand.
Day 3: Video Confidence
Lastly, we'll put our prep work into practice in a super-supported way. (Get excited for this one!)
Why Video?
Video is here to stay. With 16 billion DAILY video views from Facebook and Snapchat alone, our customers are watching video now more than ever. In fact, people are 4x more likely to watch a video than read.

Video has become the very best way for us as brands to connect with our customers and audiences to tell our brand stories, relate to customers, clients, and audiences in organic and authentic ways, and - most importantly! - provide REAL solutions that solve our customers/clients problems, making us indispensable to them. So let’s upgrade your video marketing efforts!

  •  Video has become a vital marketing tool for brands of nearly all shapes and sizes.
  • Video is the MOST EFFECTIVE form of marketing available to us. PERIOD. Did you know that?
  • Successful video is really about your viewer falling in love with the STORY you're telling
  • When done correctly, video cultivates dedicated, fan-for-life customers and clients
  • Create and share the right stories to get your customers listening to what you have to say
Get Confident About Video
The live class will run from June 19-21.
Meet Your Teachers
The Video Marketing Expert: Andrea Corson
Andrea Corson is an Emmy-nominated television producer, digital strategist and consultant. She has created awesome video for a wide range of clients including Google, Disney, Covergirl, DSW, Carnival Cruise Line, & Nordstrom, along with a lengthy roster of start-ups, coaches, bloggers, and course creators.

Whether you're looking to nail down the perfect strategy for your video, figure out how to make the best video for a specific social platform, launch a successful YouTube channel, hone your shooting/editing skill set, or decide you simply want to teach your team how to make video (or have someone make video for you), Andrea is a true one-stop shop.
The brand Expert: kaye putnam
Kaye Putnam is the psychology-driven brand strategist for entrepreneurs. Through work with 500+ clients ranging from Fortune 50’s to entrepreneurs, she developed the In Demand Brand method. She believes in pursuing big audacious dreams and that entrepreneurship is the key to freedom. 

Kaye works with students in her Brand New Brand incubation program and with clients 1-on-1. When she’s not transforming brands, she’s exploring the world with her husband and two little ones. They love eating their way across their home of Naples, Italy.
The sales Expert: sarah putnam
Sarah Putnam works with Kaye as her Brand Experience and Sales Strategist. She moved from the corporate life of sales to work as a full-time entrepreneur with Kaye. She has a strong background in customer service and sales. 

Sarah believes that building a psychology-driven brand is the key to avoiding cheesy sales tactics. It was torture for her in the corporate world to learn “the perfect script” to get past the admin assistant. When you create a brand that’s authentically you, you magnetically pull in ideal clients who don’t *just* want to speak with you, but happily become paying clients.
After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online, according to ComScore.
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